Erik D. Pakieser

President and Principal Security Consultant

Erik D. Pakieser has been working in security and law enforcement since 1988. Since then, he has served on four different SWAT and tactical teams, trained with over 20 different law enforcement agencies, logged over 35,000 hours of experience, and trained over 2500 students.

Erik has worked in many aspects of the security industry, including colleges, healthcare, commercial, and residential security.  Erik has worked as a police officer for a Federal agency, guarded nuclear power facilities against terrorist attacks, protected the world's largest diamond from theft, and served as a bodyguard for Hollywood stars, foriegn dignitaries, and elected officials. 

An 11-year veteran of the US Army, Erik served in the 1989 Panama invasion as well as the 1991 Gulf War.  In addition to his military service, Erik has conducted training with numerous law enforcement and military agencies.  He is an active member of the Special Operations Training Association of the Upper Midwest, the Association of Training Officers in Minnesota, and the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers.

Erik has attended firearms training courses sponsored by the American Association of Certified Firearms Instructors, Kansas City, Missouri Regional Police Academy, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, Minneapolis Police Dept., Minnesota Dept. of Corrections, John Farnamís Defense Training International, Israeli Instinctive Shooting International, and PlusP Technologies.

As a recognized expert in field in hate/bias crime and terrorism prevention, Erik has been quoted in US News and World Report, The Minneapolis CityPages, UP! Magazine, and has been interviewed by Minnesota Public Television, WCCO Radio, and the Minnesota News Network.  Articles written by Erik have appeared in the Omaha World Herald and the Northeaster newspapers.  He has spoken to audiences at Augsburg College, the University of Minnesota, Inver Hills Community College, and Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Education and Training

Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Community Safety Educator's Course
  • Emergency Management Program
  • CERT Team Operations

American Association of Certified Firearms Instructors

  • Minnesota Concealed-Carry Trainer Course

Minnesota Dept. of Corrections

  • "Crossing the Line" (Smuggling identification & prevention) Instructor
  • Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.)
  • Facility Public Speaker's Bureau
  • PPCT Edged Weapons Defense Course
  • Interpersonal Communications Skills Instructor
  • Corrections Officer Academy

Wackenhut Corporation

  • Nuclear Security Officer Training

Thompson University

  • Effective Technical Presentations

Plus P Technology

  • Basic Handgun Self-Defense Course

International Police Mountain Bike Association

  • Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol Tactics

Minneapolis, MN. Police Department

  • Reserve Officer Basic Training

Instinctive Shooting International, Inc.

  • Israeli Instinctive Shooting Techniques

Kansas City, MO Regional Police Academy

  • Handgun/Shotgun Retention and Disarming
  • One-on-One Control Tactics (Groundfighting)
  • Post-Shooting Procedures
  • Confrontational Firearms Tactics

Pottawatamie County, Iowa, Sheriff's Office

  • Professional Firearms Permit Course

Metro Community College, Omaha, Nebraska

  • Emergency Medical Technician

Defense Training International, Inc.

  • Defensive Handgun, Shotgun, and Low-Light Shooting Course

United States Army

  • Primary Leadership Development Course
  • Cavalry Scout School
  • Riot Control Certification
  • Military Police School

Erik's Military Awards
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