Quorum Security Inc. is a collaborative organization that provides IT/IS, Information Security, Risk Management, and Incident Response services that are holistic in design. Quorum Security is designed to grow with our clients and implement secure, client-sustainable, proven solutions. Our organizational structure is based around our social commitment.

Quorum Security's Social Commitment:

Quorum Security exists because of its consultants. As such, Quorum Security will continue to behave and grow as a collective body of knowledge.

Quorum Security will provide proven solutions that are reviewed by the quorum and able to be built on.

By design, all solutions are to be sustainable by the client, and future designs are built from that base.

Why Quorum Security?
(To Potential Clients)

Quorum Security is greater than the sum of its parts. With a core of IT Security, our independent consultants provide wide areas of expertise, a small sampling of which includes; infrastructure and architecture design, online presence, voice over IP, system integration, penetration testing, auditing, and database design and management. The independent consultants that choose to use the resources of Quorum Security to sustain relationships are available to engage clients which are best suited for their expertise and background.

Quorum Security serves as a meeting ground to confidentially review projects, share knowledge, test theories, build new technologies, and provide a wealth of services to our clients. Due to the broad view of Quorum Security, individuals with expertise in specific areas are able to apply it and learn what problems can arise during testing and roll out fixes to our clients. Should they need another couple hands, or need advice, we are able to engage other consultants within Quorum Security and request they join the project.

All projects are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, custom tailored to your short and long term needs which will be discussed and agreed upon. Today's immediate needs, next year's expansion and even privatizing five years down the road; all of this will be worked into in a tiered structure that fits your resources. Should your needs best suit a full time employee, there are always consultants waiting to settle down.

Why Quorum Security?
(For Potential Consultants)

Quorum Security is the implementation of a community-based methodology that exists to advance the greater Information Security & Risk Management communities while providing a business model on which to expand.

With the resources that Quorum Security can provide, projects are sustainable from infancy to maturity. Having such a range of skill sets means that once a project is implemented, others are able to maintain it while you move on providing support only when items need to be changed. When the client needs to expand, you are there pick the project back up. This builds continued variety, while sustaining relationships and keeping project ownership.

Quorum, adj: Having the necessary number of people present for decisions to be allowed to be made.
[From Latin, literally "of whom"]
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